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Essence Lashes of the Day Super Volume mascara review

Dear Roses and Lilies,

In my quest for good and affordable mascara, I came across #lASHES OF THE day Super Volume mascara from Essence. This is a mascara designed to give you lots of volume, for a fraction of the price of other, more famous mascaras. The packaging is the kind of cutesy pink that I do not find appealing. But one should not judge a mascara by its packaging, right?

If you look past the packaging, you find that the brush is quite nice - not as thin as the plastic or rubber ones, and not as thick as other volume mascara wands. It is good for people with smaller eyes, and it picks up a lot of product. As far as payoff goes - bang! - instant color with one swipe. The formula is not dry but not very wet either, so it holds a curl. Your lashes will start to clump up after three or four coats, but you would only need two coats tops to get the full lash effect.

It does not crumble, and it starts smudging only after five hours of wear, if I apply a bit of powder on my undereye area (and with squinting added to the equation). It smudges, when I do not powder, within a couple of hours (also depending on how oily my lids get). From this point of view it is better, compared to the Lash Princess mascaras, though.

Have you tried any of the Essence mascaras? Which one should I try next?


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