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NYX Lip Lingerie 20 French Maid review

Dear Roses and Lilies,

I had heard good things about the NYX Lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks. NYX is affordable and cruelty free, so I thought I would mix things up a bit in my makeup collection. My first ever NYX Lip Lingerie was French Maid, because it looked like a fall appropriate nude. 

First off, I think my choice in color was unfortunate. It is a light muted mauve that does not do anything for my complexion. Well, not anything good anyway. However, I can say this liquid lipstick can be so comfortable to wear, tat you may forget you are wearing it.

If my lips are not well moisturized, after an hour of wearing it, it starts to feel drying. Otherwise, the wear is comfy for up to 5 hours, before I feel the need to lick my lips too often. It is resilient though, so much so that you need an oil based makeup remover to get it off your lips, and greasy food does not damage it too much. There is some fading near the inner rim of my mouth, which I can patch up easily. It does not crack, even after having patched it up.

After French Maid, I am in the mood to try Exotic from the NYX Lip Lingerie line. I am also eyeing Cheekies for a Brigitte Bardot inspired look.

What are your favorite shades?


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