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MAC Dazzelglass Comet Blue review

Dear Roses and Lilies,

This is an interesting product, for those of us who have not dared or cared to wear glittery lipgloss before. At a first glance, I was worried that the glitter would be too chunky and it would make the wear even more uncomfortable. I need to mention at this point and for those who have not figured it out yet, that I find lipgloss the most annoying to wear, after lip balm. I swatched MAC Comet Blue in store, on the back of my hand, and it looked very pretty ( I too am attracted to shiny things ). So I took this baby home. This gloss would only be popping in artificial lighting and, when applied over lipstick or pencil, it gives extra dimension to the lips, just like any other gloss. You would need to get close up to see the glitter. Speaking of which, turns out it is not gritty at all, and my apprehension was irrational.

Is this lip gloss sticky? A bit. Is it moisturizing? Yes, but not as moisturizing as a lip balm.

Do you own any of the Dazzleglasses from MAC?


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