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WOE?! Tom Ford Black Orchid EdP

Dear Roses and Lilies,

I am starting my "what on earth?!" series with a well known and very dark fragrance.

Tom Ford's Black Orchid EdP is a special fragrance, as there is nothing out there quite like it. It is wrapped in mystery, an imaginary orchid, a piece of bitter chocolate, an invitation to smoke a good cigar and to drink a glass of brandy. It is overwhelming but alluring at the same time, and I would expect it to be worn by a strong woman or a man. This Black Orchid commands your attention, and demands absolute self confidence, whilst threatening to intoxicate every one in the room with its potency.

Still, it has some sweetness, underneath all that bitterness. This sweetness seems to accompany the wearer all throughout the hours of the day and the night, while the fragrance slowly dries down to no more than a flower garden seen from the distance.

I cannot recall what the official notes of this fragrance are, but that does not make any difference. Regardless of the notes, we "see" the layers with our noses, we can detect the subtleties or we cannot. For me, Black Orchid always did smell somewhat like burnt gasoline at the beginning and, while that may sound sexy for some, it is not the case for me. As you may have noticed, orchids do not really smell of anything distinct or pleasant. So the name of this fragrance is symbolic. I am guessing it is "orchid" because it is supposed to be exotic, desirable, unusual. And "black" because it is supposed to suck the life right out of you.

I mentioned above that I expect a strong woman or a man to wear this fragrance. I think it is fair to mention that that woman or the man would be in her or his 40s. And somewhat cold hearted.

What on earth made me think this is a fragrance for me?! Because I sometimes feel strong enough and cold enough to pull it off and even make it make me feel elegant.

Have you tried Black Orchid or any of its variations?



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