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Swatch time: MAC Stone Matte Lipstick

Dear Roses and Lilies,

There was some hype surrounding MAC Stone last year and I remember looking and lots of pictures on instagram, trying to decide whether or not to get this shade. I never owned any shade like this, because I always thought it would make me look washed out. But I went with the trend, and got Stone anyway. Now this, to me, looks like a cool undertoned brown in the tube.

On my lips, however, there is a grey vibe, which makes me think of wet stones. So the name is fitting.

This is a matte texture, that does not feel drying, and lasts quite well on my lips. There is transfer, but I can touch up my lips during the day without worrying about messing up my makeup look. You don't really need a lip liner with this lipstick, only if you need to correct the shape of your lips first. A nude lip liner will work perfectly and won't alter the lipstick's color noticeably. The one think I need to say though, it does not apply evenly, so I go over my lips twice with the lipstick bullet.

Stone is not an easy shade to pull off however. I still feel that it makes me look somewhat washed out, if I don't pair with the right look. I wore it on a day when I wasn't feeling like doing a full face of makeup, which was a mistake (I think). And then, when I put a little more effort into my look, everything started to come together in a more acceptable way.

It was still a more unusual look, which I am not against, except I like something vivid on my lips when I go for more unusual looks (if you've seen my MAC Matte Royal post here, you know what I mean). I managed to pull it off in broad daylight without people staring at me, so I will keep using this lipstick, but more for evening looks than day to day.

Do you have MAC Stone? What looks do you go for when wearing it?


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