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Swatch time: Rimmel The Only 1 lipstick in 810 One-of-a-Kind

Dear Roses and Lilies,

Rimmel launched a new line of lipstick this year, called The Only 1 - a range of wearable, gorgeous shades for everyone to love. Like all Rimmel products, the price is good, which means you can get the color you like without breaking the bank.

The shade I will talk about today is 810 One-of-a-kind, which also comes in a little gift set (in a rose gold makeup bag, together with a blush).

I was really excited about this range from Rimmel, although I had to wait a while until I could get my hands on a couple of them, because we, in Romania, are always behind with new launches. No matter, I had time to look over dozens of pictures and swatches before deciding what shades to get. As per usual, I was immediately attracted to the red hues in the collection, as red and nude lipsticks are absolute essentials in my book.

One-of-a-Kind is like a deep, burgundy wine color, that is very appropriate for this season, but makes a fine evening color for any time of the year regardless. The scent if floral-sweet, but it goes away within a few minutes after application.

Applying it, I immediately notice some patchiness and the tendency to bleed around the edges. So you really need a lip liner with this lipstick, and I would recommend applying the liner all over your lips first, then go in with one layer of lipstick, blot, then apply a second layer. This is it without a lip liner, which almost makes me look like a clown...

810 One-of-a-Kind

As far as wear goes, you do not get a lot of hours, since this is a creamy, slightly glossy finish lipstick. You will need to reapply after you eat, and better drink out of a straw if you want the lipstick to stay on longer! :-)

One-of-a-Kind was quite comfortable to wear, as it did not dry my lips out at all, but I could still feel that I was wearing lipstick, and was more cautious when eating, so as to not stain my chin.

All in all, this is a good choice, if you get a matching lip liner and have patience.

Have you tried any of the Rimmel The Only 1 lipsticks? Which ones do you like?


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