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Three sultry lipsticks for fall, one pencil to match them all

Dear Roses and Lilies,

Now that summer's out and fall is in, it's time to bring out the sultry shades or buy some to experiment with. I've fallen in love with two lipstick shades from MAC and decided to give Dior one more chance as well. The two MAC lipsticks are Cyber and Hang Up, and I know they're old news by now, but I love them nonetheless. My third sultry lipstick is Dior's Hypnotic Red, which was a present and which I really wanted to use up, that's how much I love the color. It's been a year, and I barely used it.

L-R: MAC Hang Up, Dior Hypnotic Red, MAC Cyber

Darker shades are not easy to use, as it turns out, unless you keep practicing those application methods and prep your lips. With Dior's lipstick, my issues are: feathering and bleeding.

The MAC lipsticks are slightly better, in that they are not bleeding as much, but they are still tricky to work with.

I am not a fan of lip brushes, or any kind of makeup brushes, for that matter, and I am not used to applying lip liner either. Until I bought Cyber, I only owned two lip pencils - one nude and one red. On a whim, I bought a Mac lip pencil, which turns out to be very useful. The shade is called Nightmoth and I bought it so that I could pair it with Cyber.

Weeks later, I went back to the store, looking for the new matte lipsticks. They have not launched yet here, in Romania, so I "browsed" through all the other MAC lipsticks they had on display. I came across Hang Up, another dark color to grace my lips. The SA looked for a lip liner and found two possible matches, one of them being Nightmoth. Perfect! I have to say, this lip pencil is the most expensive one I have ever owned, so I was a bit on the fence about buying another one. I mean, I am only using them on myself, so no, I don't need more. Lipsticks, however, I absolutely do!

Swatches L-R: MAC Hang Up, Dior Hypnotic Red, MAC Cyber, MAC Nightmoth
I had a hard time with Hang Up... Of course, I just had to try wearing it without a lip pencil. So I applied it as always, straight from the bullet, then regreted it. Why? Because I had to use three q-tips dipped in cc cream to correct the shape both on my upper and my lower lip ( and I used to think applying lipstick is always easy... ). By the time I got my pout to look ok, I was soooo annoyed I promised myself to tone down my feelings about makeup tools and lip pencils.

Today, I finally used Nightmoth to line my lips before applying Hang Up. The shade of this lip pencil is so close to the shade of the lipstick, that you really don't need to get a different one to match. Quick tip for beginners: when you're filling in your lips with color, don't forget to slightly go over the liner, so that it doesn't look harsh. To make Nightmoth match with Hang Up, use a light hand when lining your lips. The more pressure you apply, the darker it will look.

Now, for Hypnotic Red - my long lost love - time to get it out of storage and back on my lips. Used Nightmoth again, then applied the lipstick. Sooo much better! And, you know what? MAC Hang Up is a good dupe for Dior Hypnotic Red, which is great, because this MAC lipstick leaves a mild stain on your lips, plus it costs less...

L-R: MAC Hang Up, Dior Hypnotic Red, MAC Cyber

And so, this one lip pencil from MAC is quickly becoming a makeup bag essential for me. I just hope it will last me a long time, or until I find a more affordable dupe ( I'm cheap that way, yeah ).

Hope you liked this post!


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