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Swatch time: Rimmel APOCALIPS in Atomic Rose 206

Dear Roses and Lilies,

Here I am, back with more raves about the Rimmel APOCALIPS line. Since I expanded my collection from 1 to a larger selection of shades and finishes, I am going to bore you for some time, before I'm done reviewing them all. And posting looks. :-)

Next up is one of the matte finish shades, called Atomic Rose, number 206. This shade, on me at least, is a rosy neutral/nude, that works perfectly fine with my pale skin. Being that I use a lot of nudes and neutrals on me pretty much every day, I really did not need yet another nude lipstick. However, the shade is so soft and pretty, and the product so affordable, that I caved. Which reminds me: I will do a post soon, with lip swatches on all my nude lipsticks, so stay tuned!

Back to my Atomic Rose - it looks very creamy in the tube, and equally creamy when applied. It does dry to a matte finish, which makes this lipsticks stick on for longer, as compared to the lacquer versions. You need to prep your lips before applying it, because, like with any highly pigmented lip color, this will highlight dry bits of skin. It does not look as dry, though, as some other matte liquid lipsticks other brands came out with lately.

It stays on for hours if I don't eat or drink. The formula is not staining, so you'll need to reapply throughout the day if you want the color to stay fresh. The doe foot applicator makes it really easy, so you don't really need a brush. If you feel like you need to cheat your lip shape or size, you can use a nude pencil. Otherwise, it will work just fine without a pencil.

The formula is slightly drying, as are all matte finish lipsticks I've tested, so it's a good idea to moisturize your lips after you take this lipstick off. Happy me, this one does not dry my lips out like one of the fusion lip products I own.

Also lovely: the scent is so faint that you would barely notice it's there. All in all, I am impressed with Rimmel's APOCALIPS. Still waiting on the PROVOCALIPS. :D


P.S.: If you want to see the Rimmel APOCALIPS Solstice shade, click: SOLSTICE #201

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