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Swatch time: Rimmel APOCALIPS in Solstice 201

Dear Roses and Lilies,

I love love love lip colors, whether the are solid lipsticks, lip balms, crayons, gloss or liquid lipsticks. Since liquid lipsticks are so easy to use, I've recently developed a new addiction. From Sephora to Bourjois to Rimmel London, I love all of these affordable lip colors. From Rimmel, I bought a few shades, among which no. 201 Solstice, which you'll see a swatch of if you keep on reading. The APOCALIPS line was launched quite a while ago and the internet is full of reviews and raves, but I still want to add mine, while waiting for the new PROVOCALIPS to become available in Romania too.

But first, let's talk about the packaging: plastic tube, little doe foot applicator that comes in very handy and... that's it. Simple, nice, half see-through tube that reveals the color inside. The quantity per tube is 5 ml. / 0.169 fl oz, which should last you for quite a while. One thing you want to look for when purchasing one of these, is that some of the shades are lip velvets, so matte, and others are lip lacquers - satiny and glossy shades. Solstice is one of the lip lacquers.

The texture is thicker than a gloss, with perfect color payoff in a single stroke. Its staying power is good, but not phenomenal, especially if you eat and drink. It does leave a light stain, so you won't be left completely without color on your lips at the end of the day. It is a bit sticky, so beware of windy days. There is a mild scent I cannot define, which completely disappears after application.

It feels light and keeps your lips hydrated at some extent. I say "at some extent" because my lips get easily dehydrated and this liquid lipstick hasn't done a brilliant job in re-hydrating them. (But I am still very attached to my mini collection, because of the great price tag and wide shade range.)

No. 201 Solstice registers a bit too dark on my lips, because of my fair complexion, but it looks great on medium skin tones. It also reminds me somewhat of the lipstick shades from the 90s, which is a downside for young people, but looks great on 35+. I find this shade is also office-friendly, in that it is a decent color that should not distract anyone when you're talking to them.

There is a soft, glossy finish to it that will make your lips look bigger. And, if you cheat your lip shape with a pencil, it will make you look pouty and sophisticated.

Hope you liked this post and see you soon with some more swatches on my favorite shades!


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