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Fragrance love: Dior Hypnotic Poison EDP

Dear Roses and Lilies,

I first tested the new Hypnotic Poison from Dior in France, in February last year, right after it launched. I had been thinking about it for months before I decided I could not wait anymore. It wasn't only the deep red and black bottle that attracted my attention (shaped like an apple, which reminded me of Snow White's story), but the juice inside it as well.

What fascinated me was the huge difference between this fragrance and the EDT version. While still retaining the classic's oriental vibe, the HP EDP version is somewhat deeper and more mysterious to me. The notes these two versions have in common are vanilla, almonds and jasmine. Whereas the classic HP is somewhat fruity because of the apricot, plum and coconut and intoxicating (to me) because of the tuberose, the new HP is rather milky and "crunchy" because of the almonds and the tonka beans. A notable difference between the two is that Hypnotic Poison Eau de Parfum has licorice in it. A lot of licorice to open the composition. I love licorice candy so I had to try this fragrance as soon as I read about its release. Indeed, I love the way it is presented in this Dior fragrance and I think it makes HP EDP very special in the world of fragrance.

Another special thing is that the vanilla is not plastic-y at all. It's a sweet, gourmand vanilla, paired by crunchy almonds. The floral side of the fragrance is given by the jasmine and the orange blossom placed right at the heart of the composition. The orange blossom also gives it a slightly bitter scent, I believe, that should disappear if you apply the fragrance directly onto your skin, as opposed to applying it on your clothes.

Of all the notes, jasmine is probably the only one I cannot clearly make out. The rest of them stay with me all through the day, 12 hours of the day that is... As I mentioned before, the opening is a blast of licorice and almonds, sweetened up by vanilla. This delicious opening lasts for a few hours before the orange blossom announces its presence. After 9 hours, I still enjoy the licorice-almond combo and whiffs of vanilla. The drydown is smooth, round, warm. A very cocooning warmth, that makes you wanna dwell in it for ever.

In terms of sillage, it can be moderate or heavy, depending on how much you spray on. It is a strong fragrance - after all, it's an oriental one - so I wear it only when the weather outside is cold. I don't think it's suitable for warm and very warm weather. You can still wear it in summer, on cool evenings.

Or, if you're feeling audacious, you can wear it on a hot summer day, to shout out loud to the world that you are wearing Dior.

Hope you liked this post and that I've persuaded you to at least test this fragrance.


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