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Lasting Finish foundation by Rimmel

Dear Roses and Lilies,

It took me some time to test this new foundation from Rimmel, but it was well worth the wait before posting about it. I don't really like writing "first impression" posts, because you need time to test new products. Some products are lovely at first glance, but turn out disappointing on the long run.

So, moving on Lasting Finish 25H with Comfort Serum... The bottle (glass with a red pump and a red plastic cap) says "Full coverage foundation enriched with a comfort serum. Instant perfect coverage that feels extra comfortable and lasts all day. Sweat, heat humidity and transfer proof for up to 25 hours. Coverage that won't let you down." These all sounds very good, especially the 25 hours thing. I am used to adds that say 16h, 18h, 24h, but never a day and an hour. It is quite funny, in a way, because there is no way someone would keep foundation on for a whole day and sleep in it too. Or, at least, I hope no one is crazy enough to do that.

The first day of wear went on quite smoothly for me. I wasn't expecting anything miraculous, nor the foundation living up to its hype. What I can guarantee are the following points:

On dry skin, you really need to make sure you hydrate prior to applying this foundation. Since it is a long lasting one, it will look chalky on dry skin. The texture is not as runny as the one of other liquid foundations, but still soft, almost like a lotion. For oily skin, or sensitive and oily, this will work fine. I have to say, the alcohol is lower on the ingredients list, compared to some high priced foundations, which was a plus, beside of the affordability. The foundation sets within a minute, so concentrate on other parts of your face instead of applying powder or blusher right away. It smells soft, creamy and it will not disturb your nose.

The coverage, you can immediately see it's medium but buildable to full. It covers minor blemishes and stays put for hours. Now, on my oily skin, the oil starts to peek through after 5 hours of wear, without powder on top. With powder, I can do without blotting for around 6 hours. I imagine that, on dry or normal skin, it wears a lot longer. However, up to 25h does not necessarily mean that it will last that long. It is somewhat sweat proof, but don't think you won't feel sticky if you wear this foundation and do a lot of workout. :-) I  haven't had the chance to test it in heat, because winter's still here. And in summer, we all like lighter products anyway, don't we?

Going back to the coverage feature, I must say I hate it. I find that full coverage foundations make your face look lifeless and flat. What many makeup artists recommend is using a great concealer for the areas you need it, instead of caking on foundation and powder. In my opinion, a full coverage foundation is for extended wear, because, being denser in pigment and everything else, it may absorb more oil than a light to medium coverage foundation. Am I right?

So what to do to get more mileage out of the bottle? Combine it with moisturizer, of course. It will thin the foundation out a bit or more, depending on how much moisturizer you add. I like to add a bit of foundation to my moisturizer, meaning that there will be more moisturizer than foundation in the mix. Which, I suppose, is quite close to a BB cream. For a month or so, I used Clinique's DDMG (Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel), because a gel cream mixes beautifully with this foundation. Now that I ran out of Clinique, and because I am also testing a different moisturizer, I am using Garnier's Moisture Match for dull and tired skin. This one is also a gel textured moisturizer (which I will review more in depth at a later time), that helps moisturize my skin while I am wearing the foundation. So, a swipe of Bioderma all over my face to prep the skin, then put a pea sized amount of Garnier on the back of my hand, add half a pump of Lasting Finish and mix it with my fingers.

I tried using a foundation brush, a long time ago, but I found it to be a boring application method. So I ditched the brush (well, not quite, because it may be useful for applying powder) and kept on using my fingers. I'm sure you've heard this over and over again, but the warmth of your fingers helps mix the foundation with the moisturizer better and helps applying it easier. Also, your fingers will not absorb extra product like sponges and brushes do, and they are easily washable.

When the foundation is mixed with moisturizer, the finish is much more luminous and the coverage is lighter. The shade I bought, by the way, is #100 Ivory, which is the lightest one, I believe. So very pale girls will need to mix the foundation with a white base to lighten it more.

All in all, I am happy with Rimmel's new Lasting Finish. So, ladies and gentlemen, next time you go to your local store, don't dismiss this foundation because of the low price point. Give it a try if you find the right shade for you. You get the coverage, the 30 ml (1 fl oz) and the nice feel on your skin for a lot less than you'd spend on a premium brand foundation. Not to mention, it has SPF 20 and it photographs well in spite of the high SPF.

Till next time

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