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Swatch time: Sephora Rouge Infusion Fuchsia Concentrate

Dear Roses and Lilies,

To expand my pink lippies collection, I bought Sephora's Rouge Infusion in #05 Fuchsia concentrate. I already had a fuchsia lipstick, but I wanted to get something that lasts longer.

Fishing through all fusion lipsticks available, I stopped at Sephora. They had just launched the Rouge Infusion line, a less expensive alternative to YSL and other high brands.

For the price, you get a very high quality product. I've been wearing this shade for a while now. The applicator makes it very easy to outline and fill in your lips - no pencil needed. The shade can go from vivid fuchsia to berry in two or three coats.

The texture is quite creamy - somewhere inbetween a really good gloss and a lipstick. The finish is glossy, but not sticky and it does not dry my lips. It will highlight chapped lips so make sure you exfoliate (if needed) and moisturize. As far as longevity goes - 6 hours full on and 4 as a stain. Yes, it stains very well and it may replace your waterproof lipstick.

Of course, you have to pair it with a link pink or fuchsia blusher, so it doesn't make you look washed out. Concealing all your redness and spots is also a must, because this shade has a lot of red in it.

I usually team it up with a pink blusher and a neutral eyeshadow, because the lips become the focus of the whole look.

Sephora Rouge Infusion Fuchsia concentrate, one coat
This shade is perfect for summer, if you want an alternative to the usual corals and tangerines and neutrals.

Have you tried any of the Rouge Infusion shades?


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