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Fragrance love: Marc Jacobs Daisy Black Edition

Dear Roses and Lilies,

I finally caved and added a Marc Jacobs fragrance to my collection. And, of course, it had to be a limited edition version, because they are the coolest. :-)

I don't care much for MJ fragrance bottles, because they look like they are made for school girls. Daisy, however, comes in a more "mature" looking bottle, with the flower-y cap.

On to the juice...

Top notes for Daisy ( same as the original, permanent version ) : grapefruit, violet leaf and wild strawberry. I love strawberries, but I sadly don't smell it anywhere in this fragrance. I do get some grapefruit in the opening, but it does not last long.

Middle notes are: gardenia, violet and jasmine. Oh, velveeety jasmine... not! I get lots of gardenia and some soft violet, which seem to be the theme of this fragrance.

Base notes: musk, white woods and vanilla. The base is woody and musky, mostly. Vanilla is there to counteract the soapiness, I think. My nose is not yet trained to distinguish the various types of "wood" used in perfumery, so "white" tells me only: clean, dry, cold.

Overall, Daisy presents itself as a clean floral that does not project heavily and does not last over 6 hours. For me, this is an "early morning" fragrance, suitable for women who like to be "as fresh as a daisy" in spring/summer. Not too playful, not too serious either.

What does this fragrance smell like on you?


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