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Benefit "realness of concealness" mini kit

Dear Roses and Lilies,

I absolutely love mini makeup kits and palettes. They come in handy and you get to try various products before buying their full size versions.

Benefit make the nicest little sets and kits out there, like this adorable "fake-it kit" - realness of concealness.

The packaging is adorable and portable. But, what you can find inside is really the highlight.

You get sample sizes of the "boi-ing" concealer, the eyelid primer "Lemon Aid" ( cheesy name, huh? ), a mini "highbeam" highlighter, a mini "ooh la lift" under-eye luminizer and a mini lip primer "lipplump".

Now since this kit is no longer available, I'll just review what's inside.

Of all these little products, the only one you cannot get any more is the lip primer. Which is not a huge loss, and you'll see why...

Here's a hand swatch:

From the top right - highbeam - a pinky highlighter you can use on top of your cheek bones, cupid's bow, brow bone and bridge of the nose for a soft, luminous effect, but without looking greasy or glittery.

Next up is ooh la lift - which you use mainly on your brow bone to give a lifted effect, or on the inner corners of your eyes, for a more wide-awake look.

On the top left - boi-ing industrial strength concealer - obviously too dark for me now, but it will come in handy in summer. It does cover blemishes and spots well and it lasts for around 6 hours on my oily skin, without melting away. It is creamy enough to be used under your eyes as well.

On the bottom left - lemon aid - a yellow toned primer to lift the sallowness on your eyelids. It does help blend your eyeshadows easier and it highlights their color better. It looks like a lemon, smells like a lemon... must be a lemon?

Last product, bottom right, which looks disgusting IMO - is the lipplump. This is a lip primer which is supposed to help your lips look bigger.

How to use: you apply it on bare lips, pat it in, then blot to remove the excess. It will pale down your lips considerably ( doesn't concealer do that too? ) and blur away fine lines. What it also does is change the lipstick color slightly.

Let me demonstrate:

Top picture - lip primer on - my lips look pale and feel dry. The product is not supposed to be drying, because of the jojoba oil, but, being a primer, it's not particularly creamy either.

Second and third pictures - Dior lipstick with primer and the same without primer.

As far as plumping goes, it looks like this product is more like a lip pencil for lazy people. It helps outline the contours of your lips, but there is no other lip plumping effect...

The quantity for the mini product tubes is 2.5 g/0.09 oz. The lemon lid primer is 1.0 g/0.03 oz, while the concealers reads 1.20 g/0.04 oz.

Of all these products, I love highbeam. It's pinkish, so perfect for my skin tone.

What's your take on the Benefit makeup kits?


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