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DIY gentle exfoliation VICHY

Dear Roses and Lilies,

Thermal water is very good for all kinds of skin problems. From minor burns to irritation to blemishes to dehydration, it successfully helps treat all.

You can find several brands in your local pharmacy, all with the same benefits. The one I've been using for a while is the Vichy thermal water ( I always buy the jumbo size, because small ones run out fast ).

When you first spray the water onto your skin, you can feel your pores tighten and you get that overall calming effect on your irritated areas. It is enriched with minerals, that are beneficial for your skin.

The list of uses and application methods is long:

You can soak a cotton pad in it, then apply on your tired eyes - you'll feel refreshed and the puffiness will be reduced. Spray it on sunburns and they'll calm down.

Spray it on your face in the evening, after removing your makeup, instead of adding loads and loads of cream and you'll see an overall improvement the very next morning.

On to the DIY:

Do you get those little loose bits of skin sometimes, when your skin's just acting up? Well, I do. Mostly on my forehead, nose, cheeks and lips... well, pretty much all over my face, in small patches.

What I like to do: apply some of water on a cotton pad, then gently buff the areas with loose skin. "Gently" is the key word when it comes to exfoliation, so never scrub like you would your bathroom sink!

After removing the dead skin cells, spray a generous amount directly onto your face, let it sink in for 10 seconds, then take it off with a clean towel - patting gently.

This should do the job perfectly and soothe your skin after your little semi-facial.

Say "bye bye" to those nasty flakes!



  1. I should try that someday as I just received one bottle(??) from ma big sis' :))

  2. I've always wanted to try this, but always thought it wouldn't help at all. You have now convinced me of the contrary. It's going to be my next purchase ;) Love your reviews :*

    1. Same here... until my brother bought a bottle for my mom. Then she sprayed this stuff on my face and we had a laugh... so I had to get one, at least for the fun of it. :-) And I soon discovered how useful it is when you run out of your gentle exfoliating creams and all you have is some cotton pads and determination


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