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Color on a budget - eyeshadows

Dear Roses and Lilies,

While shopping around for... nothing in particular, lots of colorful products caught my eye. Being on a budget ( sometimes ), shopping for makeup can still be fun.

I found eyeshadows that are cute, colorful and good, for extremely low prices.

My first buy was this duo from Miss Sporty. This is a brand that, IMO, has quality makeup at very affordable prices ( it has Coty printed on the back, after all ).

The packaging is all plastic, cute and portable. There is a small sponge applicator that comes in handy when you're on the go ( although I prefer using my fingers ). 

The duo I got is called Lively Spirit #222. I think this one's discontinued, but they still have 5 more colorful duos you can choose from. The color payoff is good - and you can apply wet or dry. Adding two or more layers, depending on how intense you want it to look, is easy. And the finish is iridescent and there are no chalky colors in these duos.

As for lasting power - around 5 hours and then it starts to crease and fade. If you use a primer, it will probably last for another 1 - 2 hours. This also depends on your skin type and eye shape, of course. I have yet to discover a product that lasts as long as it is advertised ( except for mascara ), on my oily skin.

My second budget buy is this trio ( #622 ) by Polish brand called Quiz Cosmetics. It is even less expensive than the Miss Sporty eyeshadow duo.

I bought this one because of the yellow eyeshadow. I first thought it was going to be a matte eyeshadow. Turns out it is iridescent.

The packaging - again, simple. No applicator this time. It says "Trendy Fashion" on the lid.

Color payoff is good and the powder is finely milled so it feels soft. The green shade has more microshimmer in it than the other two but this only makes it so much more vibrant and perfect for summer.

Lasting power - still around 5 hours, which is fabulous! :-)

Do you know of any other budget eyeshadows worth trying?


P.S.: Beauty doesn't always have to cost a lot of money!

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