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Budget mascara - Miss Sporty Studio Lash

Dear Roses and Lilies,

As of late, I have been focusing a lot on finding mascaras that do a great job on my lashes and cost less than most "high end" mascaras.

Since my lashes are fairly long but thin, I like using a lot of volumizing mascaras. I went from really cheap mascaras to really expensive ones and most of them failed - some stung my eyes, others clumped, others smudged.

My current favorite, from the ones that passed my little trials: Miss Sporty Studio Lash 3D Volumythic.

This is a really good low cost mascara for everyday. The little bean shaped wand helps get in those tiny corners and coat the lashes you never knew you had.

You can also get it close to the roots of the lashes, which will help maintain the curl after using eyelash curlers. If you are like me - your lashes are not straight but not curled either - then you probably won't need any eyelash curlers with this mascara. Two coats are more than enough; if you apply three, it will look clumpy.

The formula is on the drier side, so it isn't likely to smudge ( too much ). On my oily lids, it only starts to smudge after the 8th hour of wear, in normal temp and moisture conditions.

It does not sting my sensitive eyes and it can be easily removed, without having to pull at my lashes or rub my skin.

All in all, I am very happy with it and highly recommend it. And when 3 months pass and I have to get a new tube and throw the old one away, my wallet does not "cry out in pain".


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