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Pretty in pink

Dear Roses and Lilies,

Put on your pink sunglasses to embark on this voyage into the heart of pink flowers and candy and fruity flavors.

This winter, although it was short and odd, seemed long enough for me. So, perfume-wise, I quickly went from spicy fragrances to floral and gourmand ones. I am easing myself into spring and summer, surrounded by pink stuff.

So, moving from spicy warm wine to tea and berries ( or is it berry tea? ), I've put away my YSL Opium and reached again for Givenchy's Ange ou Demon le secret ( the one from 2009 ).

This is the kind of fragrance that you can still wear in winter, although it is soft and harmless. Still, not suitable for summer.

Top notes in Ange ou Demon le secret:lemon, tea, cranberry - berry tea with a drop of lemon. ;-)

Middle notes are: jasmine, peony and water lily. Base notes: patchouli and woodsy notes.

What my nose gets from this fragrance: berry tea and intoxicating jasmine, on a base of cuddling patchouli. It's truly a delightful smell, that lasts for around 9 hours before it becomes really really close to the skin.

This is a fragrance you can wear at the office. It's not a projection monster and it won't kill the flies and the spiders from under your seats.

In summer, Ange ou Demon le secret tends to become a little too harsh and maybe a tad too sweet.

My boyfriend got this for me shortly after it launched so I can't say how the new formulation is. I know the new Ange ou Demon le secret comes in a slightly different bottle and that they added musk. They should have called the new fragrance - "L'Intense", "L'Absolu" or something to differentiate from the old formulation. I just hope it smells as good as the 2009 version.

Moving on, from berry tea to yummy chocolate and Lancome's La Vie Est Belle.

This is maybe the most successful fragrance of the past two years or so. When I was in Paris earlier this year, I could smell LVEB every 5 minutes. I really find this amazing because I don't remember smelling any other perfume so often on people around me.

For this reason, many would think this is a generic perfume and would shy away from it or wrinkle their noses.

Well, did not the same happen to Shalimar in it's glory days? Or, dare I say, to Chanel 5? Now we pay a lot of money for a bottle of the ( sadly according to some ) reformulated Shalimar or the eternal No. 5.

Lancome fragrances, in my humble nose's opinion, are very persistent, like any eau de parfum should be, really.

La Vie Est Belle is no exception. It lasts for over 12 hours on my skin and days on end on my scarf.

Sprayed on a paper strip, I get iris, jasmine, patchouli and the praline smell ( where does that come from? ) with pear and berries.

My skin highlights the patchouli, praline and pear, with lots of jasmine and little iris. I can't detect the vanilla, tonka and orange blossom, but that is maybe because they are well blended with everything else.

This fragrance too, would be a little too heavy for summer time ( but, for that, they've created the eau de parfum legere and the EDT versions, right?). In addition to that, unless you spray it lightly, in an enclosed space - such as an office or a class room - you risk intoxicating everybody.

Moving on to warmer weather scents, Versace's Bright Crystal brings spring.

This is not one of my favorite fragrances, but it's suitable for spring and I keep hoping it would grow on me eventually.

I have the EDT concentration of this floral fruity fragrance, so it lasts a little over 6 hours and gets close to the skin around the 4th hour of wear.

What bothers me about this fragrance is the heavy magnolia note. I've no idea what Yuzu smells like, honestly, so I would say I can detect pomegranate and amber in the background.

This would probably be a sweet fragrance, if it wasn't for the water notes... Water notes??? How would one get a perfume to smell like water? Assuming water is supposed to smell...

Overall, Bright Crystal is just what the name implies: a bright fragrance, a crystal warmed by flowers and fruity notes. Not too sweet, but not bitter either and perfect for blondes!

And finally, for the warmer summer months...

Oriflame's Miss O, a melange of ripe fruit with a prominent lily at the heart of the composition.

All blended together in one sweet cocktail, fruity notes are: grapefruit, bergamot, kiwi, pineapple, black currant, peach and coconut. Heliotrope and lily are the only floral notes, while the base consists of cedar, sandalwood, amber and musk.

This fragrance is supposed to be young and fun, but the lily kills it, in my opinion. "Fun", in my book, translates into something sparkly fresh and sunny. Wish there were more citrus and less jam in this one.

Still, Miss O is nice for summer time, because it is quite soft... well, unless you put on tons of it. Being an EDT, it will not last long - maybe a full 4 hours before it disappears completely.

So here are my pretty in pink fragrances for this year: Givenchy Ange ou Demon le secret, Lancome La Vie Est Belle, Versace Bright Crystal and Oriflame Miss O.

Hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I've enjoyed writing it.



  1. I think water doesn't actually smell, but we can still perceive it with our noses :D We can feel when we are in a very humid atmosphere. I can still remember that glass house room in the botanical garden where they kept those giant water lilies, it had 90% air humidity (or so they said) and boy I could smell the water :D Or I remember when we went to one of my favourite lakes by foot, when we approached it, we couldn't see it yet, but I could definitely smell the water already. So yeah, I guess there can be watery fragrances, those that might make us recall humidity.
    And I don't know if this happens to everybody, but I can actually "smell" fog and I love it.
    Nice post, I feel spring is the best season to enjoy fragrances, when the air is so light. This winter seemed very long to me too, even if it wasn't a "real" winter.

    1. You mean you could smell something damp? Like mud? :) I'm still not convinced it's actually water that we smell. As for the fog, it's really exhaust fumes and what not. And they stink :P

    2. Hey! I'm not talking about smog :P or pollution (that sucks) but about awesome fog! I'm not sure we can smell mud?! :))))))) But I swear I can smell water from close distance (I mean big waters, like lake, or the sea of course), maybe I'm just paranormal :)) But as I've said, it must be the humidity that we breathe and perceive with the nose.

    3. :-))))) paranormal... yeah, mud. As in moist dirt - bitter, damp, not too pleasant. You need to train your senses some more. Then we can airdrop you in the middle of the desert and you can go find water holes :D

    4. :))))) LOL I'm not so advanced, but of course, I'll train and then make a new revolutionary survival theory, "smelling your way to the water" :)))) when I get a prize I'll thank you and your blog :P

  2. I'm stuck with Daisy for the moment, it's springy and sweet, though it's not my signature scent :) Lancome and I have a timely romance, but I have such mixed feelings about La vie est belle. I'm going to run to the store and finally face the facts.

    Loved the post! Huuugs!!!!

    1. I gotta test Daisy. Read it has strawberries in the top notes and I love strawberries!


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