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Fragrance love: Chanel Cristalle EDP

Dear Roses and Lilies,

When I first tested Cristalle EDP by Chanel, I was impressed by how it seemed to be a good combination between the classic floral aldehydic fragrances, the citrusy and  the chypre fragrances I tested before this one.

Being in the mood for trying out pretty much everything there was to test in the store, I went overboard. Tried everything except the gourmand, overly sweet, ozonic, spicy or overly bitter fragrances. Knowing that my nose would eventually get confused, I stopped at Chanel.

I wanted something that has a classic vibe to it, but not too "times of yore". At the same time, I craved for something with citrusy notes, so that the fragrance would feel refreshing on rainy days. But the citrusy part should not turn sweet and syrupy in the end nor give way to something deep, dark and intoxicating.

So I got something sparkly green and clean. Cristalle starts off with sweet citrus notes, like mandarin juice with a tinge of crushed wild mint leaves. The EDP version is supposed to have peach and melon in it, but I honestly cannot detect either of them. Instead, I get a fresh scent, like green grass, that stays with me till the end... of those 6 pleasant hours. Now I know this is the hyacinth or actually, a breed of it, which used to grow in my granny's garden when my mom was a child.

It will not bother the people in the room with you because the sillage is rather soft.

It is suitable for daytime, but not elegant enough for a night out. It's very casual and somewhat sporty, I dare say. Spring - summer - early fall type of perfume.

All in all, the fragrance is clean, but not as cold and empty as a crystal and certainly not perfect.
But who really wants perfect?


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