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On cream blushers - Bourjois

Dear Roses and Lilies,

Chanel launched a line of cream blushers last year that are dreamy and, according to many on the internet, super easy to work with.

I looked at them like cats look at mice, but the high price point made me turn away and look for cheaper alternatives.

Browsing through the huge bucket called internet, I came across several articles on Bourjois cream blushers ( they were launched last year as well, but I can't find them anywhere locally ).

They come in 4 shades. You may find some of the shades online ( this goes for my Romanian readers ) but, if you never had the chance to swatch them, I wouldn't recommend taking the risk.

I finally had the luck to swatch all 4 shades when I was in Paris this year. I know, it's been months and months since these blushers launched, so this is not going to be new to most readers. :-)

Shades 1 to 3 are very sheer on me. Of course, they are buildable, but I like to get good payoff from one layer.

So I decided to get shade number 4, which is called Sweet Cherry.

On my skin, this registers more like a dusty rose than a cherry. And I soon realized it looks a lot like the cream blusher from one of the Too Faced palettes. 

Back to Bourjois: in terms of color payoff, this shade is great. I get enough color and don't need to build up at all.

There are reviews on different makeup products that say "the product is highly buildable and doesn't look patchy". Well, with the Bourjois cream blushers, building up can be tiresome. If your skin is patchy, then that's that. You won't be able to build up anything. It will look awful, no matter how good the product is. So I would recommend making sure that your skin is super moisturized before applying this blusher ( on top or under foundation, whichever you prefer ).

Blending this blusher is easy, but not easy enough. I find that I always need to work fast to get the edges blended seamlessly. And I don't know about the second skin feel they promise... I mean, it doesn't feel heavy at all, nor greasy, nor too powdery, but isn't a cream to powder product supposed to feel like that anyway?

As for staying power, I noticed it usually lasts around 6 to 7 hours on me without fading too much. This is awesome, since I have oily skin and makeup usually slides off or fades pretty fast sometimes.

Do you own any of the other 3 shades? How do they "behave" on your skin tone and type?


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