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Fragrance love: Me and Mitsy - Guerlain Mitsouko EDT

Dear Roses and Lilies,

The year was 1919, when Jacques Guerlain created a fragrance to mark the end of the war. According to the legend, this fragrance was inspired by a story of impossible love between a dude and a dudette. Blah blah blah...

Fast forward to what is really important: top notes of Mitsouko ( we forgive the French for spelling foreign names wrong ) include citruses, jasmine and rose. Middle notes include lilac, peach, ylang-ylang and base notes include cinnamon, amber, moss and vetiver.
Olfactory group - chypre. Not too sweet, not too bitter, not too citrus-y, just really well balanced.

I have the EDT version, which is sharper than the EDP. I much prefer this one, however, because it is not as overwhelming.

For the first few minutes, you'd get spices and cinnamon - smelled from the distance ( says my boyfriend ). Up close - mostly mossy, earthy, green notes - something I don't recall smelling before in any perfume. The fragrance takes around 3 hours to settle down and then the peachy note emerges... ever so gently. But it's not the sweet peach you would expect, the one you get from most gourmand fragrances today. You'd still get cinnamon, but not the kind you'd imagine combined with coffee or wine. It's a refreshing, cold cinnamon, if you know what I mean...

With Mitsy, I realize my skin brings out the best of the base notes. I don't care much for jasmine and I don't smell it at all. Same goes for the lilac. They must be super well blended with the rest of the ingredients.

Mossy forests is what I envisage when wearing Mitsouko. I am very curious of how much I will enjoy this fragrance during summer.

So far, I find it really special, unique and certainly not for everyone.

What is your favorite chypre?



  1. That dudette word made me laugh. But I wanna know the love story. I'm a boring romantic :) And what is chypre?

    1. Smth about a Japanese woman falling in love with a British guy. Twist is, the woman is married and both her husband and her new honey bunny go to war... and she patiently awaits the return of either one *sigh*.

      Chypre " is the name of a family (or concept) of perfumes that are characterised by an accord composed of citrus top-notes, a middle centered on cistus labdanum, and a mossy-animalic base-note derived from oak moss and musks" ( )

    2. thanks for the story.
      that chypre thing is too complicated for me. I don't even know how to pronounce it :)) I never ever smelled any perfume to make me feel like in a mossy forest, must be reaaally great.

    3. It shouldn't be too complicated. It's just a category for fumes. :-)
      You should test Mitsouko when you have a chance and you'll know what I'm talking about. ;-)

    4. It's complicated because it's very hard to imagine or have a mental representation of fragrances especially if one doesn't have much experience in this matter.
      I'm sure gonna try this perfume if I ever see it, it can only be great if it smells like forests I wish I were in a forest right now...speaking of which, this reminds me of a psychological test with a forest, do you know it?

    5. took one of those tests too... but let's not go off topic here ;-)

    6. just asking, I wasn't going to explain it here anyway :))) I like to do it only in person. Sorry, too much time, too much chatter


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