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Budget mascara - Rimmel's Lash Accelerator

Dear Roses and Lilies,

We've already established that mascara is a beauty essential and there are so many formulations, packaging types, wands and price points that we are really blessed with a great variety to choose from. But how much are you willing to spend on a good year rounder mascara?

Well, help's on the way!

I've already tested Le Volume de Chanel ( expensive, yes ) and I've concluded that I love the wand but not so much the stuff that comes in the tube. But, today I am going to talk to you about Rimmel's Lash Accelerator, which is much more budget friendly.

Let's start with what the ad says:

"Our first mascara and lash treatment in one that works both instantly, and overtime with Grow-Lash Complex. Instantly up to 80% visibly longer looking lashes. Up to 117% visibly longer looking lashes after 30 days of use." ( )

What it does for me:

My lashes look instantly longer, but then that is what happens with any mascara. After all, my lashes aren't very dark, so black makes them look long. :-)

I guess this feature would be better put to the test on people who sleep with mascara on or accidentally burn their lashes. I am in neither category, fortunately.

Plus, lashes are not known to grow in length indefinitely. Yes, some fall out and others come out to fill the gaps, but they don't get any longer than what's already encoded in your genes. ;-)

So I don't buy into the 117% thing and mascara ads tend to be exaggerated anyway.

What I do like about this mascara:

The wand is skinny so I don't have a hard time applying the mascara ( my eyes are on the small side ). The finish is glossy, but there are no smudges like the ones I get with Benefit's they're real.

It does not sting my eyes at all so this mascara may be good for sensitive eyes as well.

Although two coats are more than enough, because the payoff is good, it doesn't clump when applying more coats.

Removing the mascara at the end of the day is easy: you can either use your normal eye makeup remover or soap and water ( if you are lazy ).


It still smudges after 7 hours of wear ( if the air is not particularly hot and moist ).

All in all, Lash Accelerator mascara is a good day to day product. It doesn't feel heavy, it doesn't sting my eyes, clump or cause my lashes to fall out.

If you do have problems with your lashes, you can try this mascara. It doesn't cost a lot of money and it may help you on the long term.

Stay beautiful!


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