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Bourjois foundations - Healthy Mix ( original )

Dear Roses and Lilies,

This is going to be an attempt of a review for the old and still much appreciated Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation.

After it was revamped and relaunched and, with the old Healthy Mix still on the shelves of most stores, it was only natural that we would benefit from a promotion on the old version. So, when I went to the store to get another bottle of the Healthy Mix Serum in a considerably darker shade ( it was summer, after all ), the SA told me I would get a free bottle of the old Healthy Mix. Like with everything "free", this was a pleasant surprise. And, never having tested this version before, I was excited.

Comparing the two that I have ( HM and HMS ), I would say they are very different. Whilst Healthy Mix Serum is aimed at normal to dry skin, Healthy Mix is more suitable for normal to combination skin. The texture is different too, Healthy Mix being a liquid foundation, but with enough silicone in it to make it easily blendable, while Healthy Mix Serum is a gel type foundation.

The finish is quite velvety with Healthy Mix as opposed to the dewy finish you get with the Serum version. ( I actually painted half of my face with HMS and the other half with HM to be able to see the differences better... and because it was more fun that way! )

As far as longevity goes, Healthy Mix stays put for around 7h as long as my skin is not in the occasional "avenger mode" ( extra oily and dull ).

It does not clog or highlight my pores in any way so it's good for the bad skin days as well and I don't really need to use any powder. Blotting at some point in the day is necessary with oily skin, but the foundation stays put ( well, 99% of it ).

In terms of coverage, I would say it's light but buildable to medium without caking.

Last but not least - something we all like - it is an affordable foundation.

Have you tried the new Healthy Mix? How does it compare to the old one?


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