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Bourjois foundations - Healthy Mix Serum

Dear Roses and Lilies,

Now that spring is coming, it's time we take out the more light coverage foundations and the BB/CC creams and move the more heavy coverage products back to storage ( I am sure that, if you are into using foundations, you too have at least 2 in your collection ).

Being more into experimenting new textures and coverages, I now have several stored away in my "makeup wardrobe".

The ones I love and come back to time and time again are the Bourjois foundations.

Over the years, by experimenting mostly on myself, I noticed I am very much into light coverage foundations. Don't you find that it's better not to cover your skin in heavy coverage products? Especially if you have nothing or almost nothing to conceal on your face...

If you look around you on the street, in bars and clubs, you may find that a lot of girls wear heavy coverage foundations, or ones that don't suit their skin types or tones. This is frustrating to me, at least, because I do love to stare at a beautiful face, no matter where and when.

So I try to make sure that I don't fall into the category of people who don't know their faces or think less of themselves.

Keeping all this in mind, I chose the lighter foundations, that look softer and skin-like. One of them is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation.

It is a gel foundation suitable for normal to dry skin types. So, on combo or oily skin, it will not last long without a touch of powder. Which is fine with me, really, because, in my experience, foundations targeted at combo and oily skin feel heavier on the skin, not to mention they mostly have matte finishes.

It is not the kind of foundation that sets fast, so you have time to blend it really well and work it into your skin. The scent is pleasant and it fades fast, so it won't turn your stomach.

The finish is dewy, which means it's also really nice for a night out, when you want to look more polished. And it photographs beautifully!

Downside to it - if you are living in a very hot climate, you'll have to add more powder or quit using it altogether. As the air gets more humid and hot, you risk getting as shiny as a hospital light bulb.

Which is your favorite Bourjois foundation?


P.S.: I apologize for the picture. Since it is a much used and loved foundation, most of the writing on the packaging has faded.

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