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Winter relaxation is affordable

Dear Roses and Lilies,

These winter months can be so dull and cold, that I would do just about anything to boost my mood. So far, I've tried nice fragrances to remind me of Christmas ( YSL - Opium ), fragrances to remind me of summer ( Guerlain ) and long baths.

My favorite type of bath were the foamy ones, until I discovered these little aromatherapy wonders.

I got these from our local dm. They are very affordable and fun to use - the kind of bath products that dissolve in warm water and smell very pleasant.

The stars are cinnamon and orange scented, and they have cloves and orange blossom petals in them ( which you will need to fish out of the bath tub when you're finished, so they don't get stuck in the drain ). The ball is strawberry scented - and addictive.

The downside is that you'll get oily all over. However, if you are the kind of person who showers after a bath, then the essential oils these products contain should not bother you.

Fancy a nice bath?



  1. But is that oil good for the skin?

    1. It didn't dry my skin in any way. And I tied my hair up so I wouldn't get it all messed up.

  2. I don't think you are supposed to open them. You either make a "nice cup of tea" bath or you hang them from the tap so water runs through them.

    And I do fancy a bath. Bath, England.

    1. And wash the little bags in my bathwater... hm... nope! :P I'd rather fish the cloves out one by one ( a number of 5 in the last star ).


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