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The art of touching up - lipstick

Dear Roses and Lilies,

Let me tell you about a very feminine and old fashioned gesture that I absolutely love: touching up your lips in public.

We don't see women do that very often nowadays... And I really wonder why. Is it something we now consider too old fashioned or maybe pretentious?

When I go shopping for makeup, I normally am drawn towards the very chic looking items. And products with chic packaging don't come cheap, most of the time.
So, one summer day, I ended up buying a super expensive powder - Chanel Les Beiges ( which is the softest face powder I've ever had the privilege to try ), but it spends a lot of time in my handbag or in my makeup bag.

Same with my lipsticks - most of them are name brands and they too stay hidden most of the time.

Touching your lips up in public is not an easy affair. You need a fair amount of skill and practice, so you don't end up looking like a clown. Remember not to open your mouth like at the dentist's, not to get lipstick on your teeth and, most importantly, be natural about it.

I love to get my Chanel compact out of my bag every now and then and touch up my lips in public. With one of my expensive lipsticks, of course.

Does this seem a little vain? Maybe a bit... but then again, when you spend your hard earned money on something chic and expensive, you might as well show it off a bit!

In the end, ladies, it's our Divine right to be beautiful and elegant and proud.



  1. I always thought this gesture of touching up lipstick is sexy. And it seems to me it's for the spontaneous, or the seductive woman. I'm too shy and calculated to just do this in public. But I sometimes don't mind doing it if there are only close friends around.
    About showing depends how people around take it. I like to see it like seeing a movie, or reading a story or watching a painting...I'm not there, I can't have it, but hey, I enjoy it :D
    And I really love the last phrase :)

    1. You shouldn't care so much about how other people might see it. We can't touch up at work without hiding away in the bathroom, so we should absolutely enjoy our "freedom" whenever we can

    2. well yeah, especially when one has a super cute and chic small mirror like I have from Diana :D

  2. Love the colour of this lipstick and I bet it looks gorgeous on you :*

    1. it's the very one I'm wearing in my fb profile picture ;-)


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