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Colorful accidents

Dear Roses and Lilies,

Yesterday afternoon, a black cat crossed my path. And now I realize some superstitions are fun!

Following my boyfriend's ritual when he sees a black cat, we turned around and made three steps backwards. Isn't it funny when you see people walking backwards?

Coincidentally, yesterday was my "change your hair color" day. I was planning on going from auburn to light brown, so I got a nice professional dye.

The box says "light brown" and the sample in the catalogue was a nice color - not too dark, not too light.

I don't know if it was faith ( darn little kitty ) or just my being an amateur colorist, but, what I obtained is actually my natural hair color! Next time, bleaching is in order.

Till then, I am back to the origins... and how many memories this color brings!

Hope you enjoyed this post!



  1. I love this black kitty tale! I never walk backwards when a black cat crosses my path and oh boy, they do this so often! I started thinking it´s a conspiration, I think that when a black cat sees me, they purposely cross my path :)))) So who knows, it must be fun for them...

    1. I think you need to adopt a beautiful black kitten. I'll come visit :D

    2. awwww I'd adopt any kitty, but I can't, for various reasons, but you can come visit anyway!


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