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Beauty essentials - eye liner

Dear Roses and Lilies,

Another beauty essential is eye liner, and there are so many textures and colors out there that you won't have difficulties in finding your perfect one.

Eye liner is maybe the most used beauty product in the world. It was used way before mascara was invented so, in my heart, it will always be the number 1.

The most difficult to apply, for me, is liquid liner. So, what I do, when I can, is use a pencil to map out my shape (and the flick), then go over it with liquid liner. The thing about pencils is, you can either blend the line out or erase it if you don't like the result. With liquid liner, you always need to patch it up if you make a mistake... and it will never look perfect if patched up.

A good alternative to liquid liner is gel. You can either get it in small pots and apply it with a brush, or a pencil (gel texture eye pencil is new even for me, but I promised myself I would get one eventually). The trouble with gel liners is that you need to work quickly because, once they are dry - and they dry fast - they won't move. I guess this is a plus as well because you don't want smudged lines right after you apply your mascara.

The easiest way to line your eyes is with powders. You can use virtually any eyeshadow. Just take an angled brush, dampen it, then apply your eyeshadow like you would your liner. Again, if you don't like it, you can blend it and start over.

If you only own a classic back eyeliner and want to create a softer look, just apply some eyeshadow over the line ( you don't need a damp brush for this one ). I do this when I want to draw silver or golden lines, because I don't feel like investing in liquid silvers and golds ( and I have more than enough silvery and golden eyeshadows ).

So what's your favorite eyeliner texture and color?



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