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Fragrance love: A stolen kiss - Cartier Baiser Vole

Dear Roses and Lilies,

And especially Lilies...

This post I dedicate to you, as did Mathilde Laurent when composing Baiser Volé Essence de Parfum for Cartier.

The fragrance was launched in September last year and it is a new and improved version of their 2011 release.

This one is supposed to smell of lily in full bloom, highlighted by Bourbon vanilla. That's it: two notes, one intended to bring out the other. But, in its simplicity, the fragrance is a homage paid to lilies. Obviously, the bottle has a golden lily engraved on the bottom. How elegant is that!

I am not much of a lily fragrances fan ( sorry, the smell of lilies gives me headaches ), but I thought I would give it a try before judging.

Combined with my skin chemistry, I smell a lot of vanilla and very little lily. And this only brings ice cream to mind, when it's supposed to be all about elegance and white light. And this fragrance does last long ( over 12 hours ).

If you are a lily smell addict, do try this fragrance - but not on the card - on your own skin. If the lily does bloom on you, then this is your perfect frag.



  1. Hey! I really didn't feel the lilies smell on your hand, it was more of ice-cream as you've said! Sweet

    1. Yeah, it's when you don't smell what you expect that you realize a fragrance is not good enough for you

    2. Only on me does it smell like nana's garden!? Open wide the windows :P

    3. And here's another criteria for selecting your signature scent - if it conjures up really nice memories - then it's probably The One!


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