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On how to look fabulous in a dark lippie

Dear Roses and Lilies,

If you recall my Winter memories post, I featured a Dior lipstick that looks pretty dark in the tube.

It was called Rouge Hypnotic #862 in the old Rouge Dior range. The new range has the same shade in 5th Avenue #813.

As with all dark lipsticks, this one can be very versatile. You can wear it in many ways: a light stain, applied with your finger; one coat applied with a brush; combined with a similar lip pencil shade; applied on your lips straight from the tube, without a lip pencil - for an intense look; applied with your lip brush + gloss on top; applied on your cheeks and blended out with your fingers for a healthy flush etc.

It's all fun and the lipstick doesn't have to stay hidden in your drawer because you're afraid to wear it. :-D

For more insight on how to look great in dark lipsticks, check out Lisa Eldridge's tutorials on her website,

She is a fantastic makeup artist with years and years of experience. PLUS, she has a round-up of amazing what-to-get-your-loved-ones-for-the-holidays videos, with giveaways open GLOBALLY!

You still have time to watch her holiday gift ideas and giveaway videos on youtube and post comments. She will announce the winners on Dec.10.

So have loads of fun and don't forget to shine!



  1. I love red again...but always after applying i look like i fell face first in a puddle of blood...well at least vampires are fashionable

    1. really?! try using a lip pencil to keep the color in place :-))

  2. I love dark lipstick, I used to avoid it because I thought it makes lips look thiner and mines are really thin and small already, but to my surprise some dark colours don't do that and even make my lips look better by making them stand out. I discovered this when I got some dark colours from Revlon as a present (the thing is all the make-up I have is received, I never buy make-up). And speaking of this, maybe you could make a post one day about how to buy different make-up items. I'm sometimes even afraid to get close to the make-up places, I feel totally akward as I'm not used to it. Once when I wanted to buy a present for a cousin I almost got to use the actual eye crayon and not the tester, luckily the woman there had her eyes on me (you know...they are always watching you, big brother...) and told me on time "not that one, that's not the tester, use the tester..") ....oh boy....In any case, I'm curious about the whole process of buying make-up. So this is my second request, besides the post about perfumes :)

  3. I think it's poor customer service that can make us feel uneasy when we step in any store... whether it is a shoe store or a makeup store. It's easier to walk into a supermarket and get everything you want off the shelves, without anyone wondering why you spend 5 minutes studying a product. In some stores, they almost rush you into buying things you maybe don't need, because that's what they're supposed to do.

  4. yes, you are so right about this and I think everyone in Romania knows what you are talking about :)))

    1. oh, let's not limit ourselves to RO or just EU for that matter... it can and it does happen anywhere. Incompetence is GLOBAL :-))


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