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On how to buy makeup

Dear Roses and Lilies,

It may happen to the best of us to find ourselves blocked in front of a store shelf, unable to decide what to buy and sometimes scared to touch the beautifully packaged products.

When it comes to makeup, you may find that it isn't an easy job. It's not like walking into a grocery store and getting whatever is on your list... or is it?

And, to further complicate things, you may run into an irritating sales rep who looks bored, tired or even suspicious... like they hardly can wait to get rid of you.

Working with people is difficult, I get it. Young people even tend to lose their patience more easily. But customer service should always be more about the customer than about selling.

To make the whole buying process easier, here's some tips:

 1. try to make up your mind on what you want to buy before leaving home - this way you will reduce the chances of getting confused and finally buying something completely different

2. DO NOT go shopping while you're PMSing - PMS makes you feel everything but fine and you may end up getting something useless or ugly. You always need a clear mind for decision-making.

3. before buying products online, make sure you already know what you're getting ( i.e. the foundation shade is right, you already know which lipstick suits you etc. )

4. set up a budget before going shopping - sales assistants will always encourage you to buy more, or buy only the most expensive products

5. spend some time researching the things you want to get - it's no use buying something that 90% of the people who bought that product think it sucks

Keeping all these simple things in mind:

1. if you are unsure about a product, ask a SA for help - they are supposed to be more knowledgeable than you anyway

2. don't get discouraged when the SA gives you the "evil eye" - looking back harshly at someone or bowing your head never helps. Instead, try to be the better person and ask for assistance. The more you keep them busy, the sooner their facial expression will change - and it'll help you focus on your own goal

3. if you want to test a product, but you are unsure of what to grab, ask the SA. Why not have them do their job instead of hovering around customers with a watchful eye? <-- That's the security guy's task.

4. if none of the above work, don't fret. Just leave that store and get the product or something similar from another store, or online. The competition's there to make sure customers get good service at all times.

Hope these tips will help you on your next shopping spree!



  1. Thanks for the tips! Really interesting :D

  2. That's good to know. But what about the ingredients in the products. What should we look for and what should we avoid? I know that parabens are not that great, but I don't know much else.
    That would really be helpful for someone like me...a bit retarded when it comes to cosmetics.

    1. don't get me started on that! :-))
      You don't really need to worry about the paranbens. They are not the worst. Alcohol and fragrance are bad in cosmetics. And there is mineral oil, propylene glycol, synthetic dye and the star bad guy in this movie: BHT ( a preservative some brands use instead of parabens ).


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