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Beauty essentials - mascara

Dear Roses and Lilies,

If you were to move to a deserted island ( are there any more of those left? ) what makeup item would you take with you? Only one choice allowed!

I would have a hard time deciding, but I lean towards mascara.

I currently own three full size mascaras and four sample sizes. They behave differently and no, I don't really need them all... but they're so pretty! :-))

Since we're supposed to ditch old mascara every three months ( for medical reasons, that is ), I like to stock up on them. How do you know when your mascara is old and you don't remember when you bought it? Well, it looks dry and it smells rancid ( or sour anyway ). If you detect any funny smell, do trow it away immediately.

Moving on, here's a short review of the ones I have or tried ( but no longer own ).

Top of the list: Clinique Lash Power Mascara - long wear, tubing technology, warm water removal

It's supposed to stay put for 24 hours - but I never sleep with mascara on my lashes. It wears beautifully for 12 hours though. The brush is skinny so the mascara lengthens rather than volumizes.
But that's fine with me, because it does not clump, it does not smudge and, best of all, it does not irritate my eyes.

Downside - it is expensive, maybe too expensive for a mascara.

Second best: Miss Sporty Pump Up Booster - volumizing, collagen enriched formula

This one has a big fat brush and lots of plant extracts ( all of which are good for adding more fiber to your lashes ). On me, it lasts around 6 hours without smudging. The formula is on the dry side, so you're getting a matte finish. And it is budget friendly.

Downside - it clumps if you apply it like crazy ( 3 or 4 coats ).

Lucky number three: Sephora Full Action Extreme Effect Mascara - volumizing, lengthening

I got the blue version simply because colored mascara was one of this summer's trends. I like it because it doesn't smudge on me ( although I am yet to test it in cold weather + indoor heating ).

Downside - again, maybe too expensive for a mascara

And now for the sample size mascaras:

1. Benefit they're Real! - defining, lengthening. Smudges like crazy on me - probably because it's more on the glossy/wet side. It doesn't irritate my eyes and the wand is awesome.

2. Lancome Hypnose - volumizing, slightly curling. The brush is not as big as the Miss Sporty one, but it still does a pretty good job. What I don't like is that it dries rapidly and I end up with bits of dried mascara after 5 hours of wear. It also smudges a little. I don't think I will buy a full size one, simply because it is expensive.

3. Chanel Le Volume de Chanel - volumizing. This is one that I don't have anymore. It volumizes and defines your lashes beautifully. But it irritated my eyes and smudged after 3 hours of wear. So, whilst I love Chanel, I won't buy any of their mascaras.

The other samples I have are duplicates ( one Clinique and one Lancome ).

I hope you enjoyed this post and I eagerly await your responses!



  1. Tu vrei de fapt sa-i furi painea de la gura lui Zuckerberg....

    1. el mi-o fura mie daca e pe furate :-)))

      but where's your answer on my deserted island stuff question?

  2. oh...shose? acuma ca sa vorbim o pereche de flip e nisip si nu merg tocuri de 10 cm..da pe de alta parte la inaltimea mea cu tocuri mi-ar fi mai usor sa culeg nuci de cocos..

    Acuma pe bune...eyeliner...

  3. eyeliner - great choice! that way you'd be able to write and send a letter in a bottle! only... you'd need a bottle and a piece of paper...

  4. I need a bottle right paper thank you...i can whipe myself with my sleeve

    1. a bottle of wine is a good choice too... it blurs imperfections perfectly!

    2. If it is drunk by the "Nenea"

  5. does it have to be a make-up item? I'd just take my lip balm, which is not really make-up, but well...

    1. I still consider lip balm a beauty essential ( you'll find out why in a future post ). ;-)

    2. can't wait, I use it just because I love how it feels :)) and I don't know why it makes me feel good even if I don't have make-up on

  6. Whipe...payed...i think i'm out of a job:))) Can i bring my red lipstick too? pretty pleaseeee

    1. No, just one item. You can DYI your lipstick on my island ;-)

  7. Before we embark on this long and arduous journey:)) a homemade recipe for lipstick:P

  8. just a joke :) I was waking up just when you were posting comments

  9. Looks like lip balm is a popular fave. Gotta get the lip balm post ready ;-)


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