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Dear Roses and Lilies,

As of late, I have been developing an addiction to nail lacquers and my favorite brand is OPI.

OPI is an American company. It started out as a dental supply business ( Odontorium Products Inc. = OPI ), which was bought by a visionary man, who moved from Hungary to the USA to pursue the American dream.

He took his knowledge of dental technology and used it to create something that makes us smile and feel better on rainy days (more on

I now have a small collection of carefully hand picked lacquers that are, in my opinion, amazing :-D

As all OPI fans already noticed, there is not one shade in their collections that is exactly matching an older shade. They have a lot of shades of pink that differ - some have glitter, some are milky, some are creamy etc. Don't know how they manage it, but there is a ton of creativity involved.

Something else that is alluring about these lacquers is the size of the bottles. Your get 0.5 fl. oz. ( = 15 ml. ) of awesomeness. When you open the bottle, what you discover is not the skinny brush you may be used to with nail polishes, but a big brush that makes application soooo much easier.

And, saving the best for the last, the names! They come up with the cutest names for each shade. If you look at some of the videos they have on youtube, you get an insight of how fun the creative process can be. Especially over lunch, with a lot of people and ideas to work with.

The first shade my bf got me is a silvery grey from their Swiss collection, named "Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous!". The collection was launched in 2010, but the nail lacquer is still fresh-ish. It still applies evenly, but dries slowly and isn't quite as runny as the more recent ones I have. Still, the shade is fantastic and lasts at least a week on my nails.

The second shade I bought ( note: for my brother who wanted to give someone dear a cool gift ) was a sheer, glittery pink called "Princesses Rule!". Goes on very sheer in one coat and more opaque in three. Perfect for a very casual nail.

The other shades I have are equally as beautiful and have movie inspired names ( "Skyfall", "Goldeneye", "Honey Ryder" - James Bond movies inspiration; "Just Spotted The Lizard" and "Into The Night" - metallic shades from their Spider Man collection; "Ogre-The-Top Blue" - from their Shrek Forever After collection ), funny names ( "Yodel Me On My Cell" - from their Swiss collection; "Gouda Gouda Two Shoes" - from their Holland collection; "Every Month Is Oktoberfest" - from their Germany collection and "Oh-oh Roll Down the Window!" from their Touring America collection ).

I can tell you, the quality of most of them is amazing. You still need a base coat and a top coat to prevent chipping and staining with most bold shades. But we ought to apply base and top coats anyway, right? ( most of the time, I don't bother = laziness )

The price for these can be pretty hefty compared to more affordable nail polishes/lacquers, but for me and other OPI fans, these fabulous little things are worth every penny.

What is your favorite brand and shade of nail lacquers?



  1. I do love purple nail polish. Especially the last one i bought. It has some glitter and, I don't know if it's because of that, but it doesn't chip as fast. And of course it's nothing special, maybe it's me maybe it's Maybelline.

    And of course, as any woman, and I am one, although some people might not think so:P, I do love myself some red nail polish. I think it's classy(reminds me of the 20's-30's). The only thing I hate about it is the fact that it chips pretty fast and I'm too lazy to put much effort into my manicure.

    1. Purple is such a nice color and looks good on anyone. And yes, red is an epitome of style

    2. Hey Irene, are you referring that you are the anonymous I was saying must be a guy? :P..I really didn't mean to offend anyone, if a woman can keep it simple...then good for her, we need to take example :P
      But if this is the case, then we're even now, you said any woman loves red nail polish. Well no ...:P I don't like red nail polish, it just seems "vampy" or "bitchy" to me and even's just my perception. I like it however on the toe nails, seems more decent.
      As for me, I like light, pale, glittery nailpolish, as innocent as possible. I wore a very dark one once, dark plum, almost black, but it was because it was the background for a design I painted on my nails. I looove painted nails, and those can be as extravagant with colors, no limit.

    3. Funny... Greek women used to think that painting their toe nails is for hookers only :-))

    4. Really?? "am picat din lac în puţ" :))))))

    5. You know... people and their peculiarities ;-)


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