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Le Vernis fail

Dear Roses and Lilies,

A few years ago, my mother received a bottle of Chanel nail color. It was shade #105 Triomphe, a beautiful milky yet sheer white, somewhat similar to their Pearl Drop.

She gave me the bottle, saying that the shade made her nails resemble - pardon her comparison - a dead man's nails.

I loved Triomphe. On me it was just a sheer "my nails but better" kind of color, that lasted over a week without chipping and dried fast. Of course, I used it all up and discovered the shade had been discontinued. Bummer.

Then I "forgot" about Chanel nail polish for a while... until Fall 2011 introducing Peridot #531. A metallic unlike any other, a bold shade that good gals would never like wearing, making this one so much more... special!

Love at first sight it was and I waited over a month for the shade to hit the shelves.

Another fashion crush trigger was June #539. A soft apricot perfectly suitable for every day wear.

Alas, the quality of these two is far from being worth the price tag.

For the first quarter of the bottle, they were fantastic - like my very first Chanel nail polish. Then I think I should have thrown them out and bought the next fashionable shade... right? Wrong! I like to finish my bottles, even if I have many.

These two turned out to be quite a disappointment... They don't dry as fast, they are streaky and, worst of all, I get tiny bubbles on each application. :-(

So, dear Roses and Lilies, in hopes of finishing my bottles, I call out to you - please tell me what you do to keep lacquers from bubbling up and being streaky.


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