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Color and care

Dear Roses and Lilies,

Beauty - for women - has always been a concern, although, with most animals I know of, the male always fights to impress the female...

Yeah - it's a jungle out there. ;-)

And... there has been a silent war going on between women and their white hairs for aeons.

Our great-grandmothers used all sorts of DIY's to keep their hair lustrous and healthy. Nowadays, we have ready made products we can get off the shelves of the stores or online.

Whether they are worth buying or not - it's up to all of us to find out by "experimenting" a bit.

What I've learned so far is that not everything cheap is bad and not everything expensive is good. Trying to reach a "middle ground" that wouldn't make my wallet scream in pain, this is what I've come up with

Over the years, I went from my natural dark brown coloring to black, red, caramel and now - some kind of auburn. Nothing fancy, just the kind that doesn't necessarily require going to a salon. OK, the caramel phase was high priced and high maintenance. :P

Note to all hair coloring lovers:

Blond is a tricky color - if not done right, you may end up with split ends real fast or more hair on your brush than normal. Not to mention the dark roots or the hair turning orange at some point.

Black is really difficult to remove if you decide to go lighter (been there, took over 4 hours).

Red may make your roots look darker if you have dark hair.

Browns are low maintenance and in synergy with all complexions. 

Keeping all this in mind, don't forget that, in order for you to look awesome in any haircolor, you should only go two shades lighter or two shades darker than your natural hair coloring. Only a few can cross that border and still look fabulous. :-}

After finding your ideal color (which I am still looking for),  take good care of your locks. Use a shampoo that will both keep your hair hydrated (yeah - dye dries your hair out) and shiny. What I currently use is a very affordable one that does help keep my color fresh for quite a while. I don't bother buying expensive shampoo... unless I return to my precious caramel.

Conditioners and hair masks are a must, especially if you have dry hair to begin with. The conditioners that come together with some hair dyes are good. I like the ones from L'Oreal because they do a good job in making my hair smooth.

A very nice mask is the one with olive oil from Avon. I have been using it for years and it has become a staple in my bathroom. You only need to keep it on your hair for 3 minutes (or 10 if you're not in a hurry) and it will work wonders.

What are your secret weapons for keeping your hair fabulous?



  1. Wash rinse and repeat:P

  2. The anonymous must be a guy, no woman does just that :)) even I, the master of lazyness do much more things for my hair. Unlike my skin, my hair pretty much accepts anything, and even the cheap shampoos work good for me, but I always use conditioner (for detangling) and sometimes a mask. Olive oil is really really good indeed. I haven't dyed my hair yet though, but age doesn't spare me and my white hairs are starting to show more and more so dyeing time is close, but I'll wait a bit more :P What I really like is using Nivea styling mousse (I know, Nivea again :P) which keeps my wild wild west freestyle part-curly part-wavy hair in place and what I love about it is that it really protects hair while blow drying, and that's important for me because I really love long hair but mine grows soooo slowly (my two impossible dreams which seems I'll never have: super long hair and clear skin). Nivea mousse also leaves hair like there's absolutely no product on it, unlike Taft (which on the other hand makes curls much more defined than Nivea). I still haven't found any product which could make hair thicker, mine is so rare I think one could count the hairs on my head with enough patience... but even so, I can see hair products do make a difference, each one in their own way, I really don't know why it can't be as easy for the skin...sigh. But out of curiosity, what is caramel colour? Do you have any example photo?

    1. omg! you don't remember my look last spring/summer? where were you? :-))

    2. :)) hmm let me think...I think I was stressed out with all the classes and stuff :)) no, actually it's not that I don't remember, it's that I don't know what it is :)) but I think I have an idea now

    3. :)) look at the candies on the lower right side

      my color looked something like that... + some red-ish insertions... complicated stuff, hence the visit at the expensive salon

    4. yes yes, I remembered the first time, nice color, but now I want some caramel candies :((

  3. yummy candy, especially if home made! :-D

    1. wow, never tried those, you have to post the recipe :P


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