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Fall memories

Dear Roses and Lilies,

Here we are, just in time for Fall. And, since I was born in October, fall is my season. :-)

Between the colorful sunny days of Summer past and the white, frosty days of Winter to come, Fall sometimes takes us by surprise: a burst of colors and sunshine ( the very pleasant Indian summers ) or foggy, gray days, when you just wish you were someplace tropical instead.

And, since I cannot magically transport myself somewhere exotic and hot, I brought together a selection of items to brighten up my mood and, hopefully, yours too.

One of this fall's runway trends are metallic eyeshadows. I always had a soft spot for metallics ( heavy metal, black metal, viking metal etc. ) so it's perfect! :))

My latest beauty buy was the new Diorshow Fusion Mono cream shadow. I got the one called Hypnotique 881, partly because of the name, but mostly because it has a lot of purple in it and I am strangely attracted to all things purple.

And, since the eyeshadow is quite dark, I like to pair it with nude lips ( TheBalm "Mai Billsbepaid" - sooo cute ).

Red lipstick is a must for every woman ( don't mind that some men simply hate it ), so I chose a very meaningful shade from Chanel, Rouge Coco in Gabrielle 19. It's creamy enough to glide on easily and it doesn't bleed at all. This one I pair with a more natural eye look. I've got the Shimmer Cubes palette in 07 by The Body Shop, which has a great pinky shade in it.

Speaking about pink, I also have a thing for pink blushers, although I don't really wear any. But I absolutely love the limited edition Clarins Instant Light Blush in Vitamin Pink. It works both as a blusher and a highlighter, super easy to blend, even for my clumsy fingers.

With these little weapons and a pair of sexy shoes, I recon I could conquer the world!

See ya' soon


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