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Soft, every day/first date makeup look ft. MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 foundation

Dear Roses and Lilies,

Today I decided I would share one of my every day makeup looks that, I think, is appropriate for the office as well. This is a soft makeup look, that is easy to achieve, and lasts for hours and hours.

Depending on how much makeup you usually use, what comes next will seem either too little or too much. If you are not used to wearing many products, you can certainly skip a few products, and still get what this look is essentially about: simplicity, softness, femininity. If you like to wear lots and lots of product, you can still achieve this look, as long as you blend everything very well, so that the finished product does not look over the top. Here is a roundup of the makeup I used:

I started with foundation. Of course, after I moisturized my skin and applied a little serum on my spots (this serum here). The foundation of choice was one that I have not worn before, and I was excited to try out. I got a sample pot of the MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 foundation, because it is one of MAC's more medium but buildable coverage foundations. According to MAC, this is a matte finish foundation but, on my oily skin, it leans more natural and luminous than matte. And I really like this foundation in every way, except for one little, or big, hiccup. As soon as I opened the pot, I got a faint chemical scent, but I totally ignored it, thinking that it might have been something else in my bathroom that smelt strange.

So I went on and started dotting the foundation on my skin, then blended it with a damp sponge. As I blended, the scent smacked me in the face really hard and made me sneeze a few times. Ridiculous, I know. There isn't any fragrance in the formulation of MAC Studio Fix Fluid, so that is what the chemicals in it smell like. People say it smells of wet paint, which shouldn't be that bad, except it is very strong, at least for my nose. I have MAC Face and Body, and it does not smell that bad. So, before you commit to buying Studio Fix Fluid, do give it a sniff, to make sure the scent does not make you sick.

Thirty minutes had to go by before I could not longer smell the foundation on my face. The finish was very lovely and the coverage was medium to full. I did not need to use concealer on my spots, because the foundation did a great job covering them. For my under eye area, I used a bit of Rimmel Wake Me Up in 030 Classic Beige. Not much, because I do not have dark circles, only a bit of discoloration at the outer corners of my eyes. Then I applied a bit of this eyeshadow primer from Alverde, to make sure that my eyeshadow stays put for a few hours. I have hooded eyes and, on top of that, I get oily lids, so eyeshadow tends to crease within 2 hours after I apply it, unless I use a primer. The Alverde primer not only does the job well, it is also affordable.

While the primer was setting, I applied a dusting of Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow powder #20 on my T zone. It knocks back the shine but it does not make you look too powdery.

After that, I chose a light, shimmery eyeshadow, from my Lancome Absolu Au Naturel travel set.

I applied it all over my lids using my finger, then blended the edges with a fluffy eyeshadow brush from Sephora. To add a bit of definition, I applied a matte brown liquid liner from the brand Lovely. I discovered it at DM, while shopping for an affordable brown liquid liner. I drew a little flick on each eye, because I find kitten flicks to make everyone look super cute. I could have used black, but that would have defeated the point of a soft day look.

On my lashes, I used Lancome Grandiose mascara. It has been a while since I used Grandiose, and I forgot how much payoff it gives you right away. So I managed to clump up my lashes in three swipes. I combed through them with the little comb on my Sephora eyebrow pencil (that little comb is weird, but turns out is works perfectly for lashes).

With the eyes done, I dipped a small blusher brush in my Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint in 02 Naturel - Blondes bronzer/busher, then fanned out the color starting with the apples of my cheeks, and extended towards the edges of my face. I really love this Guerlain product, as you can both warm up your face with the bronzer side, and add a bit of color back to your cheeks with the blusher side. I just wish the blusher side would be bigger, as it is hard to only pick that color up with a brush.

That done, I added a bit of highlight to the high points of my cheeks and on my cupid's bow. I used the Renaissance Gold shade from Sleek's Precious Metals highlighter palette, with my fingers.

This palette is suitable for a variety skin tones, and it contains 3 cream shades and 1 powder. They are all different shades, so you can mix and match depending on your mood. These are the only highlighters I use, because I can make them look very natural or blinding, depending on how much I apply, and they are not too glittery.

As a final touch, which is also my favorite part of doing my makeup, I applied MAC Burnt Spice Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour, because this is the best shade I have from this range, that looks stunning and holds up beautifully all day long.

And this is the finished look, photographed in daylight, no filter applied:

Let me know what you think.


P.S.: I did not need to blot and reapply powder on my face for 7 hours straight. The foundation does an amazing job, considering I did not use primer underneath it.

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