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NEW Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation review

Dear Roses and Lilies,
It's finally mine! The new Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, the reformulated and revamped version. It launched last month, and I have had it for a few weeks, but I didn't want to put up a post right away. I really wanted to test this foundation, before giving you my thoughts.Right off the bat, you can see that the packaging is different from the previous version of the Healthy Mix foundation: the bottle is squared, with a red cap, and the brand name is also written in red.

What you can notice is also that the new version is more runny, and it does feel silkier when applying it, and less heavy than the previous version. They both dry down fast, but the old Healthy Mix is less luminous, leaning more towards matte. But that does not mean much, because oil starts to break it up within the first 4 hours of wear (without powder on top).With the 2017 version, although it is more luminous, the wear time is longer - 5 hours without powder on top. I know, it's not much of a difference, but it intrigues me. With powder, I found it lasts for 7 hours before I need to blot and apply more powder. The areas that it starts to break away from first are my nose and my cheeks. Being that it's still winter here, my skin is less oily than usual, so Healthy Mix works for me. In summer, I may need to avoid it, or else I'd be a total grease ball by midday. Which makes me think that this foundation is for normal to combination skin only. I wish I could list the ingredients, because I am curious what was added/taken out for this revamped version.

Let me know if you've tried this foundation and how it worked out for you.xoxo,WildRose
I really like this packaging more, because it looks more expensive and cool. The less cool part is that the ingredients are no longer listed on the bottle. They probably only show up on the box that comes from the factory, which I do not have access to. Bummer!For the product itself, the first thing I noticed was that the coverage is light to medium, depending on how much of and what I use to apply the foundation with. I used my fingers, a flat foundation brush, a stippling brush, a damp beauty sponge. All these on separate occasions, of course. The finish is luminous to dewy, depending on how oily my skin is that day. I needed to powder my T zone each time I wore Healthy Mix, which brought down the dew factor a notch. However, on the edges of my face and on my chin, the finish was more matte, and stayed that way every time.

You can consider what I listed above as pros. Now for the cons... sigh... You really need to have a good skin day with this foundation. Any flaky bits? The foundation will show them to the world. Any fine lines from dehydration? That is where the foundation will happily settle. Case in point below

If you solve your flaky, dehydrated skin issues, you get a smoother finish. And the best way to apply the new Healthy Mix, I find, is with a damp sponge. Or dotted on with fingers, then blended out with the said sponge.

With fingers or with brushes, not worth it, unless you have good skin and/or you use a good primer underneath. Now, just for comparison, I pulled out the previous version of the Healthy Mix foundation. I have both versions in Light Vanilla, but the shades differ slightly. The one on the right is the old Healthy Mix, the one on the left is the 2017 version.


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