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MAC Fashion Legacy Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour for Valentine's Day

Dear Roses and Lilies,

Valentine's Day is upon us and, though I do not agree with celebrating love only on 1 day in the year, I wanted to take a moment and appreciate all the beautiful looks that people do for this particular occasion. But I am not going to do a special look today. Instead, I will be talking about a red lipstick option for you, in case you want to go with the red hearts theme this year. (Of course, whether you are single or not, celebrating Valentine's Day or being anti V Day, you can still wear red lipstick any time you fancy.)

MAC's Fashion Legacy lipstick has been in my collection for quite a while now, and I use it every time I want to wear a red that looks stunning, but also holds up throughout the day, without needing touch ups.

This is described as an intense fire truck red. To me, it leans a bit more orange than red but, being a warm toned red, it will suit warm undertone complexions and pop against cold undertone complexions. With this shade, you may find that a lip liner is not necessary, unless you really need to redefine your lips. But the doe foot applicator makes it easy to reach the corners of your mouth and really outline everything. I usually apply one layer on my top lip, then press my lips together to get color on my bottom lip as well. Then I go in with what is left on the applicator and fill in the rest of the space on my lips, and reshape my top and bottom lip. I tend to go a bit outside my natural lip line, but then use a q-tip dipped in concealer to clean off the edges.

Fashion Legacy is a liquid lipstick, so you may feel it is a bit drying over time, but it does not crack off. You will need an oil based makeup remover to take it off. That being said, it is not completely "smooch-proof".

All in all, it is a very wearable shade of red, that would make people think about kissing your lips every time you wear it.


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