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MAC Burnt Spice, Topped With Brandy and Young Attitude roundup

Dear Roses and Lilies,
These are the three new shades from the MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor range I have: Burnt Spice, Topped With Brandy, and Young Attitude.

I reviewed all three of them separately, and I decided to go ahead and rank them, starting with the shade that held up best during the days I was testing the lipsticks.
I love all three shades, there is no doubt about it, but the best one is Burnt Spice. Unlike the other two, this shade did not go on patchy and did not need two layers to make it look good. It also lasted for the whole day, so I did not feel the need to reapply at all.

Coming in on second place, is Topped With Brandy. This is also a great shade, that I like more than Burnt Spice when it comes to color. Performance wise, however, it did not do so well. It goes on patchy, and it transfers more then Burnt Spice does. It lasts a long time but, if you are not careful with the layers, it'll starting cracking and flaking off before you know it.

On third place comes Young Attitude, which is a stunning spring/summer color. It would have been the second best, if only it did not take so much effort to apply. The thinner formula makes it more difficult to apply, and you almost feel like you need a lip pencil with it, so you don't go too far outside your lip line. It is also patchy, so you need two layers with it to get it to be fully opaque. I needed to use a liner brush to correct the shape. I had the most transfer with this shade: marks on my mug, marks on my sandwich, a streak of color on the back of my hand (when I accidentally wiped my lips). On the bright side, it was the only one of the three that felt very light on my lips.

That is it for my roundup. Which shades from the MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour range do you recommend I try next?

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