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Ebelin brush cleanser review BOAB

Dear Roses and Lilies,

I really like beauty on a budget, especially if I come across something that works for me and gets me past my unending skepticism when it comes to beauty products that are really affordable.
Thanks to my Insta friend and fellow blogger @lraivn, who likes this product, I went into my local DM and picked it up. It is a brush cleanser and it was incredibly affordable.

It comes in a 100ml bottle, with a sprayer. The directions on the outer box are translated, but the labels on the bottle are written in German.

Before I go on with the review, I want to caution you on one of the ingredients, because it can cause an allergic reaction: Tetramethyl Acetyloctahydronaphthaline (OTNE), which is a fragrance. I made a patch test on my skin before I proceeded to use this product on my brushes. I did not have an allergic reaction to it, but I suggest you do a patch test too if you decide to try this brush cleanser out.
The Ebelin brush cleanser has a strong, floral fragrance, that lingers on the brush. It is a lovely scent, but you really need to crack a window open when cleansing your brushes.
Performance wise, it does the job well. If my brushes are really stained, I need to double cleanse them. That only happens if I get lazy and don't clean my brushes right after I apply my makeup. It's not that often though, so I do not need to use a lot of product. I've had this bottle for about a month, and I've used less than a quarter of the cleansing liquid.
The Ebelin brush cleanser is not like other similar products, where you can use your brushes right after you cleaned them. With this cleanser, you need to let your brushes dry for up to a couple of hours. My brushes are still soft, like brand new, which is a plus. I do still wash my brushes with shampoo and water twice a week, but this brush cleanser is perfect for in-between washes. I do not use it to clean my sponges. Those always need a good wash.
Have you tried this brush cleanser? What other brush cleansers would you recommend for beauty on a budget lovers?

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