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Swatch time: Rimmel APOCALIPS in Meteoric Matte 307

Dear Roses and Lilies,

Let's continue with the mini series on the Rimmel Apocalips liquid lipsticks... yes, I still love them and want to talk about them and show you the seriously pretty and wearable colors.

The latest look you'll see proudly displayed below was initially planned out as a - nude lips, strong brows - kind of look. Then I remembered it's fall, so in with the deeper colors! Kept the strong brows (uhm, mistake?) and applied Rimmel Apocalips in 307 Meteoric Matte on my lips.

Rimmel APOCALIPS 307 Meteoric Matte


Three sultry lipsticks for fall, one pencil to match them all

Dear Roses and Lilies,

Now that summer's out and fall is in, it's time to bring out the sultry shades or buy some to experiment with. I've fallen in love with two lipstick shades from MAC and decided to give Dior one more chance as well. The two MAC lipsticks are Cyber and Hang Up, and I know they're old news by now, but I love them nonetheless. My third sultry lipstick is Dior's Hypnotic Red, which was a present and which I really wanted to use up, that's how much I love the color. It's been a year, and I barely used it.

L-R: MAC Hang Up, Dior Hypnotic Red, MAC Cyber