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Alverde liquid eyeshadows

Dear Roses and Lilies,

On a beauty quest to find eyeshadows that last and last without creasing and fading, I discovered liquid colors - so quick and easy to apply!

Not wanting to invest in something expensive that I might not like, from the multitude of liquid eyeshadows I could find ( two brands ), I chose the least expensive.

If you never heard of Alverde before it is because it's a drug store brand you can find in the dm-drogerie markt chain of retail stores, in some European countries.

The products are all made in Germany, so I am sure they undergo rigorous quality control before they hit the shelves.

Back to my eyeshadows...

These are metallic colors, good for party makeup rather than daytime makeup. I have #20 Metallic Turquoise and #30 Metallic Aubergine.

#30 and #20 in 2 layers

What I like about these eyeshadows:

The color payoff is amazing, even if you choose to apply one layer only.

This dark aubergine color is lovely and it works great on brown eyes. The look you get is full on drama!

Metallic Aubergine 30

The turquoise shade is very vivid and somewhat frosty. I think it works best as a liner or just as a highlighter, applied on the inner corners of your eyes.

Metallic Turquoise 20

The formula is non-drying and suitable for sensitive eyes as well. 

Application method - take the excess off the applicator on the back of your hand before applying the first layer and gently dab onto your eyelid. Close your eyes and let it set for 10 seconds, then build up gradually. Don't rub, or else it'll turn patchy.

Use a sponge or the applicator the eyeshadow comes with. I don't recommend using a brush or fingers to apply this product. It will come off on your fingers and dry really fast on your brush and the finish will be streaky.

It takes no more than a minute to finish your eye look and the shadow won't budge for 7-8 hours. No primer needed and super easy to remove, using your regular makeup remover.

Do you own any liquid eyeshadows worth raving about?


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