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Fragrance love: Florals... for spring - Floris Fleur EDT

Dear Roses and Lilies,

The weather outside is so nice that, in the middle of February, spring and summer do not seem so far away anymore. So let's bring some spring-y flowers about and encourage the arrival of my most awaited season... because "spring", in Romanian, is "primavara" and it translates into "first summer".

I got this fragrance in December last year, eagerly anticipating my testing it and writing a review.

But first... Floris is a perfumery house based in London and they have been in business since 1730. What I admired about them is that they actually give you the option to get bespoke perfumes. Which means - you pay ( a rather large ) amount of money and they will make your perfect perfume - one of a kind, something that delights your nose and something you can actually name in your own fancy. Isn't it fabulous?

Moving on, or actually getting back on my original path,  Fleur is one of those tricky fragrances. Some say it's a cute floral and to others it may smell like toilet freshener.

On me, however, it's a scent that brings back the memory of a flower garden, with a pond in its center. Top notes in this fragrance are bergamot, grapefruit, melon, peach and water lily. Middle notes are jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, rose, ylang-ylang and violet, while base notes are sandalwood and musk.

What I get from sniffing the bottle is water lily enforced by green, powdery notes of lily-of-the-valley. Which reminds me of the lily-of-the-valley bunches in my granny's garden. Simply lovely!

On my skin, I get an opening of melon and peach and something powdery. It only lasts for half an hour, then the water lily emerges. It's like sitting in the sun, smelling the freshness of a pond... for about 5 hours, before it dries down and you can only faintly smell the green notes ( it's an EDT, after all ).

Fleur retains its aquatic character throughout the day, so, if you are on the prowl for something not very sophisticated, to wear during the day, at the office or school, this will be your go-to cute floral. You won't be enveloped in an intoxicating cloud ( unless you're the kind of person who bathes in fragrance ) and you will feel fresh all day long. Sounds too much like a deodorant commercial? :-))

Have you tried any other Floris fragrances? Which is your favorite one?

Till next time!



Winter relaxation is affordable

Dear Roses and Lilies,

These winter months can be so dull and cold, that I would do just about anything to boost my mood. So far, I've tried nice fragrances to remind me of Christmas ( YSL - Opium ), fragrances to remind me of summer ( Guerlain ) and long baths.

My favorite type of bath were the foamy ones, until I discovered these little aromatherapy wonders.

I got these from our local dm. They are very affordable and fun to use - the kind of bath products that dissolve in warm water and smell very pleasant.

The stars are cinnamon and orange scented, and they have cloves and orange blossom petals in them ( which you will need to fish out of the bath tub when you're finished, so they don't get stuck in the drain ). The ball is strawberry scented - and addictive.

The downside is that you'll get oily all over. However, if you are the kind of person who showers after a bath, then the essential oils these products contain should not bother you.

Fancy a nice bath?