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All about brows: Raise a healthy caterpillar

Dear Roses and Lilies,

As of late, eyebrows have become something to fuss about in the fashion industry. There was a huge trend last year - exaggerated brows - the bigger and bushier, the better. Looks like, at least for this spring, everything will be toned down a smidgen. Now, it's going to be about natural looking brows, still bushy, but, overall, very well groomed.

So, taking care of your eyebrows should be a key part of your beauty routine. Sometimes, a well groomed brow and a moisturized skin is all you need in terms of makeup.

What you need:

- tweezers - to remove strays
- small scissors ( optional - remember: natural and bushy is what you are aiming for )
- eyebrow brush - comb through them so they don't look messy
- eyebrow pencil/powder/wax/gel/pen - whichever you most prefer and only if you need to fill in gaps

I pluck my little strays every 4 weeks and trim the really long hairs. I use a pencil ( when I am in a hurry ) or brow powder to fill in an define my brows. I am quite heavy handed with the pencil, so I use an angled eyeshadow brush to blend everything out and, that way, I don't end up with harsh lines.

The Rimmel eyebrow pencils are amazing as far as quality and price point are concerned. They are fade resistant and the shades are perfect. I have 004, which is the darkest one: it's not brown, it's not black, just the perfect inbetween shade.

I've also tried the eyebrow pencil from Miss Sporty. It's cheaper than the Rimmel one and it does lack in quality. The pencil is simply too soft and it smudges like an eyeliner ( and you can get eyeliners that are a lot cheaper anyway ).

As far as powder goes, I have the one from TheBodyShop. The price is pretty hefty, but I couldn't find a good, cheap alternative... yet.

How do you groom your eyebrows? What products do you like?



  1. Oh boy, this subject gives me a headache! :)) I have terrible eyebrows and I somehow can't manage to give them a nice shape, no matter how hard I try. And I really don't understand why, since I consider myself pretty good at drawing. So why can I draw perfect eyebrows on a sheet of paper but on my own face they are such a mess? They look good only when I do them at a salon, but lately I really tried to do them myself. I use tweezers of course. But most of the time I just leave them alone and try to forget them, because they are so annoying!! :))

    1. well, you just need to pluck away stray hairs. filling in gaps is pretty easy. and here's some expert advice:

    2. What stray hairs? My eyebrows are all made of stray hairs :))) just kidding, I watched the video, it's really helpful.


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