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Summer memories

Dear Roses and Lilies,

I am back with more beauty buys that remind me of Summers past... something old, something new, something almost-never-been-worn and something blue!

My biggest pride and joy is a pair of amazingly chic leather shoes my mom and I spotted at a pop up shoe store at the seaside. They go with virtually anything from skirts to dresses to pants. Too bad the rainy days prevented me from wearing them as much as I would've liked to. But they will surely resurface from their box next spring!

Next on my "love love love" list are the Guerlain fragrances. I got Pamplelune from an airport shop in Vienna and Flora Nymphea from our local Sephora.

Pamplelune is all about freshly squeezed grapefruit on an early summer morning while Flora Nymphea reminds me of milk and toast and honey ( and that awesome Roxette song ).

These fragrances just smell yummy!

And because color has become a must for me in summer, I got a crazy pink lipstick from TheBalm ( Anita Boytoy haha ), a vivid coral from Clarins' new lipstick line ( Rouge Eclat in coral pink 08 ) and a neutral from Chanel ( Gardenia 13 ). They're all lovely and moisturizing and smell nice.

The cute eyeshadow quartet ( lower left side ) was a gift from my cousin, all blue and turquoise and frosty ( Avon true color in arctic goddess ). And, because frosty colors are "trendy" this winter, I plan on using these eyeshadows a lot. :-D Did I mention it was a gift? :-))

Moving on...

Let me tell you about makeup sets and kits

Does it ever happen to you that you see a product that's just soooo catchy but the price tag is a tad too much for your wallet? Or you see more than one product and can't decide which one you really need? ( "Of course, there's no such thing as needing makeup, ever!" most men would say ) :P

Well, look for beauty kits and sets. Some of the products come in a smaller size - still larger than sample sizes though - others come in full size, but the point is - most of them are value sets. And who doesn't love a good bargain?

My "summer love" makeup kits are the Benefit World Famous Neutrals ( "Eyenessa's sexiest nudes ever" ) and the Benefit Primping with the Stars.

I love the eyeshadow kit because it has 2 of their loveliest cream shadows ( "bikini-tini" and "holy smokes!" ) and 4 longwear powder shadows ( "milk it!", "pause for applause", "blingo!" and "raincheck?" ). Benefit products always carry a funny name. :-)

The second kit has a cream-to-powder foundation, their famous eye primer "Stay Don't Stray" ( which can easily replace an under eye concealer if you're not particularly dark ), a liquid highlighter, their POREfessional primer, a liquid rose scented lip and cheek stain ( Benetint ) and a mascara.

They are all minis but, this way, I got a lot of products I wouldn't buy individually. Why not? Because for once I'll be able to use them all up before they expire or go bad.

SO - lovely Roses and Lilies - if you liked this post and want to read some more about my Summer memories - rate, comment and have fun!

See ya' soon!



  1. nice girly stuff here :) I want to thank you for the glimpse you gave me into Thierry Mugler's perfumes, Angel was divine :)


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